Sarah is an international speaker and self master coach who is traveling completely alone across the world, inspiring, empowering, and teaching other dreamers how to break out of mediocrity and create extraordinary lives for themselves.


She is passionate about using her voice, in both English and Spanish, to make a positive and life long impact in the lives of the listeners by giving them a new sense of hope and renewed energy about their own purpose here on Earth.

“I believe with all my being that every single person, regardless of their background, family history, or unfortunate current situation has a seed of greatness planted within them.” – Sarah


 Sarah is a living example of what it is like to come from a background with great adversity and to make a conscious decision to rise above it. Through her own personal journey of overcoming obstacles, she has been able to directly connect and relate to people that truly feel stuck in their path, but feel like the problems of their life and inside their mind are too strong too overcome. For more on her unique life story, click here. 

She has dedicated her life to helping others develop self-mastery skills and form habits necessary in order to destroy the old self and replace it with a totally new perspective, strategy, and plan that will bring about massive results. 


“In order to create epic results in our own life, we have to first come to know ourselves and discover why we do the things that we do. Once you discover the root underlying cause you can start to change your life from the inside out. Awareness is the first step.”


 Sarah has been highly involved in the media since 2015, after launching her own personal brand, Nomadic Dreamer, which has followers in more than 100 countries around the globe. 

She held her own radio talk show in the USA for 4 years called, “Motivation with Nomadic Dreamer,” where she inspired her listeners each and every week from a brand new location around the world. This enabled thousands of people each week to hear an empowering message and join in with her on a leg of her travels

She is a dynamic, funny and energetic speaker, whether is she on stage in front of thousands of people or low key interview. She has a way of capturing the attention of the audience through her energy, love and strong passion for what she does. 

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