by | Jun 15, 2020

The group coaching is coaching in a group setting of a maximum of 6 people. This is the most affordable option. The program, Master your Destiny,  will be available this summer and the duration is 3 months

This intensive program is designed for anyone that is willing and ready to take it to the next level in their life, in a supportive and safe environment. Mastery your Destiny gets its name because that is exactly what we are going to do throughout this three month course.

Together, we are going to start mastering different aspects of your life, which will lead to more fulfilled and purposeful life.

The basis of my coaching is based on three main foundational blocks, all to which we will cover in our three month in depth program:



Every single thing in this universe is energy.

This is the main fundamental building block in which I start off all my coaching sessions, and without a clear understanding of the importance of our energy and how it affects you in your personal and professional life, you will never be able to truly align yourself with all of the incredible things that you desire to have.

Many individuals find themselves unsatisfied, constantly in a battle with their mind and feeling a sense stuck. I have spent a large portion of my life there and I know how frustrating it can be, but I can promise you:


There IS a powerful solution and it starts with first understanding the role of energy in your own life.

During this part of our group coaching process, we will focus each week around in depth topics related to:

  1. Limiting beliefs & blocks
  2. Self Love and Acceptance
  3. Self Image & Self Talk
  4. Identifying and eliminating excuses
  5. Creating Empowering habits

    Exploring these topics will be a very transformational and eye opening experience that will cause you to look deeper within yourself, identify what exactly is holding you back and will give you the tools to start creating empowering habits that will literally transform your life from the inside out!..




As humans we are constantly changing and evolving. Every experience that we have in this life has a way of opening our eyes up to something new, which in turn will give us a new realization about ourselves and what we truly love.  With that said, it is perfectly normal to change paths many times before finding your true purpose and passion.

This part of our group coaching is all about identifying your burning desire and passion in this life.

  • What do you most desire in the world?
  • What is that one dream or idea that makes your heart beat faster and keeps you up at night?

If you do not know, that is TOTALLY ok.

In fact, most people that enter into this section of coaching have no idea what they truly want, but that is why we are doing this program together. This will give you a safe area to express your ideas, to share your passions and to receive inspiration and feedback that can help you to unveil the purpose that lies tucked away within your heart.

During this part of our coaching, we will talk about topics related to:

1. Discovering your passion & strengths
2. Defining your personal definition of success & abundance
3. Definition & Clarity of your true purpose
4. Power of imagination and visualization
5. Roadmap, with actionable steps to get your desired results..




 You can have the best intentions and plans in the world, but without this step, all your efforts will end on a dead end street.

Action is literally the foundational and innegociable key to all success, so that is what we are going to focus all of our attention on here.

Topics that we are going to cover:

1. Marketing yourself & services with confidence and ease
2. Putting a monetary value on you and your work.
3. Brand image and creation
4. Power of networking
5. Dealing with rejection. How to turn a NO into a YES!



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