Sarah Dodd is a highly dynamic, energetic, and inspirational bilingual speaker. She has had the opportunity to speak all across the world, sharing her empowering and inspiring story with people from all walks of life and challenging them to live with more passion and purpose.

Sarah went from a point of having severe anxiety and fear from just the sole thought of speaking in public, to now speaking in front of crowds of 2,000 + people both English and Spanish.

In 2016 she had the opportunity to step foot on the TEDx stage, speaking at the largest event in all of Spain in her second language. The video has been seen on Youtube by almost half a million people.

She is not an individual that just talks the talk. Her life is a living testimony of what it is like to look fear directly in the eyes and feel empowered by taking action on the things that paralyze her by fear.

“It is not a matter of eliminating fear and trying to avoid it. I feel fear ALL the time. In fact, the moment I feel too comfortable shows me that I am not on the right track.”

Sarah has coached and spoken to hundreds of individuals all across the world, helping them to find their purpose and create an action plan so that they can go out in the world and execute what they desire with full confidence.

She has a nursing background and a bachelor’s degree in speech and communication from the University of Arkansas in the USA.

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In 2013, she made a drastic change from her life and decided to pursue a life long dream of hers abroad. In order to do so, she paid off a large sum of money in a short time while working as a full-time nurse as a nurse.

The moment she reached full financial freedom the possibilities started to open up before she and she decided that she could not be held back by fear any longer.

She quit her well-paid job as a nurse, sold all of her possessions, and bought a one-way ticket to Spain.

Since she made that big decision in 2013 to leave everything behind and pursue a dream that everyone around her thought was absurd, she has been able to go from just an average life to one that people only dream of having.

She has been able to create her dream job as a public speaker and self-mastery coach, where she is blessed to see lives transform before her eyes on a daily basis. She has created a life of travel, where she has been able to work on the road and solo travel freely for the last 7+ years.

She has a following of over 100,000 people on social media, where she allows individuals to join in with her as she daringly travels across the world and become inspired by her unique way of thinking and living.

Sarah has the kind of life and freedom that most people aspire to have, but getting to that point was not an easy process.

“Over the years I have learned to get to the dream that I desire to have, I must do the thing that most people do not even think about doing, starting from even the simplest things, such as getting up between 4-6 am every single day, including the weekends. Most people desire a life of excellence, but they are not willing to put forth the effort and sacrifice like they should in order to get epic results.”

Although it may seem like it from the outside, Sarahs life has not always been the easiest. She comes from a background full of adversity and obstacles. Despite the odds, she has been able to rise above it and show from her personal experience that, despite the daily background or situation you come from, that you are capable of creating a life beyond your wildest dreams and imagination.”

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