She is a bilingual international speaker & self-mastery coach, whose sole mission is to empower dreamers by helping them to cultivate the skills & habits necessary in order to create lasting change & become the true master of their life. As of now, she has traveled alone to 121 countries, inspiring thousands of people along the way through her personal brand, Nomadic Dreamer, which is published in both English and Spanish, and has a following in more than 100 countries across the globe.

Sarah is on a mission to visit all 196 countries and be one of the first daring solo female travellers on Earth to make this achievement.

Sarah is a very high energy and dynamic woman that has a way of connecting with her audience and influencing positive change. Her unique story has opened the door to countless media invitations, interviews and talk show appearances throughout her travels.   In 2016, Sarah stepped foot on the TEDx stage, speaking at the largest event in Spain, to an audience of over 1,000 people in her second language. The video has been seen by over by almost half a million people on Youtube From this moment in 2016, she decided to dedicate her life to speaking & serving others. Shortly after making this big decision, she returned to the University of Arkansas to get specialized knowledge & expertise in different areas of speech and communication. She attended a competitive bachelors program and finished the 2 year curriculum in just 1 year, while traveling full time across 20 under developed countries, working online and planning her first TEDx talk. She not only achieved what most people viewed as impossible in such a short period of time, but she did it all while traveling full time, undergoing severe sickness on the road and encountering other major road blocks in her path. Despite the factors that came up again her, she graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average and was rewarded by the university with the honor Student Making a Difference in the World.” The Department chair of the university talked about Sarah on a published article saying, 

“Every time I talk to her, I am encouraged by Sarah’s fortitude and desire to make a difference,” Dr. Chatham-Carpenter said. “Her passion in life is to motivate others to explore and live their dreams. In order to do this, she has had to face her fears and do things that she never thought were possible.”

Sarah loves to take on any challenges that life throws at her and feels inspired and motivated by the opportunity to share her whole experience online to a large audience of people and show them from her own personal experience that the only limitations that they have are the ones in their own mind. She truly believes that each person has so much potential, but they are unable to reach their it because they have no clear focus in their mind of the direction they want to go. “The most important ingredient to creating incredible results in your life is having a crystal clear idea of what EXACTLY you are wanting to achieve.” – Sarah This is the foundation and starting point of all of her coaching sessions when working with individuals who desire change or want to get unstuck,  but have no idea where to start. Creating a solid, definite goal is, without a doubt, one of the top three magical ingredients that she has implemented in her own life that has helped her to reach dreams, such as: 
  • Traveling and exploring more than half of the world on her own dime.
  • Creating her ideal, dream job and having the freedom to work and live where she wants as her own boss.
  • Destroying a large sum of debt in a short period of time and reaching complete financial freedom
  • Turning severe anxiety and stage fright into a tool that has empowered her to speak with confidence in front of audiences of  2,000 + people.
  • Creating a person brand that has loyal international followers from all over the world. 
  • Learning to speak professionally in Spanish in less than 3 years of learning how to first say “hello” in the language.

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” – Steve Jobs

  Words from Sarah: 

It feels so surreal at times to look at life and see how the invisible dots have somehow connected throughout the years in order to create what I am living in this present moment.

It seems like just yesterday that I was at dot one, feeling completely overwhelmed, drowning in doubts, fears, and with no clear direction for my life. I remember those long, sleepless nights, hiding under my blanket, feeling a strong sense of anxiety, and constantly hearing a voice shouting out at me telling me I was throwing away my true potential.

I knew that I wanted something so much more for my life, I just had no idea what or how I would get to my true purpose. With all my efforts, I tried to connect the dots looking forward, always getting stuck on “how I was going to make my dreams become a reality. I found myself constantly projecting out into the future, criticizing myself, living in a state of fear and uncertainty and never actually taking time to truly enjoy my life in the current moment and embrace the incredible journey towards self-discovery and finding my true calling. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel if you are in a state of fear, disconnected from your purpose, unsatisfied with where you are, and desiring something so much more than what you have. It is an awful feeling of disconnection, restlessness and confusion that just seems to never go away, no matter how much you try to focus your attention and time on something else.  The fact that you are reading this today shows that you are on your own self-discovery journey and you are ready to transform your life and step into your true purpose. If you have this feeling in the pit of your stomach that says “I am here for so much more” shows that you are on the right path. Let me be the first to tell you though: this feeling will NOT go away until you take action. In fact, the more you are on the path of self discovery, the more this sensation will turn from a small pit, to a gigantic hole that you will not be able to get around.   


This is your spirit telling you to stop making excuses

and step into your calling. 

Maybe you are like I was years back and feel doubtful that true change can actually happen within you. It is possible that you have already worked with coaches or psychologists and you did not get the results you were hoping for which caused you to lose hope. Whatever you are feeling in this present moment, know that it is totally normal to doubt, so do not beat yourself up over about it. What separates me from most “life coaches” out there is the fact my coaching is based on the power of leading by example, not just based on ideas from self-help books or a concept that I learned through a coaching program.  While I have read hundreds of self-help books and obtained specific training in different aspects of coaching and mentoring, my most powerful teachings have come from my own life experiences and failures along the years in the process of creating my dream. Knowing and learning from first-hand experience about the trials and tribulations one has to face in order to create the life they desire has allowed me to develop a deep connection & trust with the people I choose to work with. The obstacles that I have had to face along the years go way beyond just the professional ones.  If you are one that feels like the number one factor that holds you back towards living a greater life is your past and/or your destructive mindset/self-image, then you really want to continue on reading.  I am going to open up and share a very personal story with you about my life that I hope will serve as a source of inspiration and show you that regardless of the background/family you come from, that you are powerful enough to leave the past behind and create and totally different future and a brand new YOU!   
  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of people and listen to their testimonies, personal struggles and limiting beliefs about what holds them back from creating an excellent life for themselves.  Tucked away in the subconscious mind of almost every single person I have spent any time talking with is a distorted perception of the success of the ones in which they follow through the media.  It is easy to look at someone that is achieving their dreams and living an extraordinary life and think “this person has it so easy,” but yet fail to see all of the struggles, sleepless nights and temporary defeats that this person had to face in order to make their dream become a reality.  I mention this because every single time I speak at any event or do a keynote speech, I get approached by my audience about my adventurous life of traveling full time and working in my ideal dream job…

“Sarah, you are so lucky. It is so easy for people like you to get ahead, but you have no idea the life that I have had. Success would be impossible for someone like me. ”  

 Would you be surprised to hear that less than 10 years ago I believed the same story about my life?   
MY STORY… I grew up in a small, traditional town of 10.000 people in Arkansas in the south of the United States. I was raised in a conservative background, where cultural diversity was non existent. I spent each week of my earlier life attending a Methodist Church, surrounded by people that constantly told me what to believe and think (according to the norms of religion and society) and never encouraged to think differently than those around me.  While I am thankful for my upbringing,  I can honestly say that the conditioning that I had growing up in this background was one of the biggest factors that has held me back over the years from going after my goals and truest dreams.  Given the conservative nature of my childhood, I did spend the majority of my life with a small mindset, judgemental of those around me and skeptical and untrusting of people of other cultures, races and backgrounds. 

“I grew up being told over and over that the world is a big and dangerous place that is full of terrible, evil people that that are out to harm you.”

I was given this awful perception of a scary, distant world, based on the opinions of individuals around me who never once dared to explore outside of the USA and whose ideas were formed from sitting comfortably at home and watching the news channel. Sadly, I was vulnerable and allowed this information to sink into my subconscious mind and create a very warped perception of the world in which we live in. 

Not only did I battle in my own limiting beliefs about the world and the people in it, but I fought a bigger war in my own mind towards myself, my own potential, self worth and value.

This is a silent fight that I have battled with on a daily basis during my whole entire life, and one that I still have the temptation of slipping into if I am not centered and mindful.  I have to be honest… Sometimes I felt like life was unfair growing up. I looked around at my classmates who seemed to have the perfect life situation and wondered why I had to be the one with the issues. As much as I loved my family, I could clearly see their dysfunction growing up and observe the extent in which drugs and alcohol dominated both sides of my family. It is a vicious cycle of abuse that has taken over my family tree for generations and has always ended in a sad death story. 

“Tragedy struck my immediate family when I was 7 years old and my whole entire world was flipped upside down.”

My father, the sole provide and breadwinner of my family chose a new path for this life. This path was full of darkness, pain and suffering, not just for him, but for my whole entire family for years and years to come.  That one single decision that my dad made in 1998 to choose drugs over his family was one that spiraled out of control in a matter just months. His casual consumption of the drug, Methamphetamine, turned into an out of control addiction, to where all he thought about was where to get his next high. He threw his duties as a dad out the window and made this the absolute center of his life.  Within a short time, he went from using this drug on occasion to help him stay awake in order to be more effective on the job, to consuming it at all hours of the day, and later learning to cook his own crystal meth. This gave birth to the idea of creating his own meth lab, which would allow him to get all the meth he needed to stay high and make a massive profit.  This was the perfect storm.  Within just a short time, everything came crashing down. The police caught onto what was happening and raided the property and sent everyone involved to jail. This news instantly made the public’s eye and his drug bust was on the first page of the newspaper and the talk of the radio station in my community.  This awful tragedy seemed like a dead end for my mom, brother and I. My mother was a high school dropout, with no formal education, jobless and left with absolutely nothing. My life totally changed in a matter of months and I could not understand how a drug addiction could have so much power over someone’s life to where they literally leave their whole entire family forever.  Of course, I was left thinking, “What did I do? Maybe he would’ve stayed if I had just behaved better….This is all my fault.”  My father was locked away in prison from that day in 1998 for the rest of my childhood. We all worked our hardest to get through that hard time, but no matter what we did, the past seemed to linger around. The older I got, the more I started to be faced with a whole new set of obstacles regarding the issue of my father and the substance abuse of both sides of my family.  I was warned that, whether I wanted to or not, I could never change the fact that this was my unmodifiable genes and I would always have to struggle against the same temptations as everyone before and around me. In fact, many mentioned the the dreadful statistics that “children from this type of background have over 50% likelihood of suffering from the same issues one day.”  I felt absolutely powerless…  This feeling caused a silent battle within myself, full of insecurity, zero self worth/value and a feeling that no matter what I did to make my life as amazing as possible, I could never truly achieve anything great because of my set in stone genetics and generational destructive cycles.
The older I got, the more I struggled in a constant battle in my head of eagerly desiring a life of greatness, but unable to quiet that voice in my head that said:  
  • Success is only for smart people–You will never be smart enough. 
  • You will never be able to be rich. 
  • No one will ever approve of you. 
  • You can never have any sort of real influence & impact. 
  • You are not creative, nor do you have interesting ideas. 
  • You are too broken. No one will ever love you that way. 
  • Don’t even try, you will just embarrass yourself and fail. 
  • If you speak up others will look at you like you are stupid. 
The sad truth is that I started believing these lies from any early age and they unwelcomely clung to me during the majority of my life. Anytime I was inspired to do something big with my life, those thoughts hovered over me like a dark cloud and convinced me of every single reason why I would not be able to make that dream come true. 

I finally reached a point in my life where I hit rock bottom and decided to commit myself to do whatever it would take to transform my life. 

It was literally not until I made the decision that ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH and firmly decided that I would not spend another day believing those lies and selling myself short of my true purpose that I started to see real results. It took over 15 years of believing those lies in order to get to the point where I truly realized that I deserved a life of love, forgiveness, freedom, success, wealth, prosperity and all of those amazing qualities of an incredible life. 

There is nothing that you cannot achieve once you truly realize your self worth and value. You must get to the point that you are willing to do anything and everything it takes to live in alignment with your authentic self and step into your genuine purpose. 

Change is very difficult and for that reason, so many people try and quickly give up. I would not be where I am today if it were not for amazing mentors that have invested into my life and believed in me when I did not believe in myself. Seeing the amazing power of coaches and mentors in my own life is one of the main reason that I dedicated my life to helping individuals to become empowered.  You are not designed to go through this life alone. Support is all around, but first you must believe that you are worthy of a life of excellence and that true change can be made inside of you. If you are wanting to take this next step with me, I would love to talk and see if we are a good fit to go on this wild adventure together.  Book a complementary 30 minute call here to connect.